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Anna has worked with Oxford University, BBC Schools Radio, BBC Learning English, BBC Radio 4, the China-Britain Business Council, and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Particular areas of expertise: university English teaching, proofreading and copy-editing; school student English skills; EFL and EAP at higher levels; 'critical thinking/verbal reasoning' for university and job applications; and Mandarin Chinese translation.


Carole has been a teacher of English for more than twenty years, both in schools and in an Oxfordshire FE college, where she was an Advanced Lecturer and Acting Head of Department. Particular areas of expertise: GCSE English, A-level English Literature, and A-level English Language, with responsibility for advising on and moderating coursework. Many of her students have gone on to study English at university, including Oxford and Cambridge. She is also an examiner for one of the main exam boards, and has taught international and local adult students on Access courses. She speaks French and Italian.

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